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Review of H-ype.com

Rating 2.5/5 by Josh

h-ype.comBased and used more in the United Kingdom, H-ype.com is a rather neat dating website that has full functionalities that you need to make new friends and even meet the love of your life. It appears like a more polished act as compared to other websites available, but is not as popular worldwide due to its localised focus.

The website has a clean look and aesthetic which makes it easy to navigate to the right section. First, users have to sign up using a short and sweet form which gets the essential information for a decent profile. You can even personalise your individual profile by changing the background.

It is fun to scroll through the profiles of different members, which can help you learn more about them and their interests. If you find someone that interests you, then the buttons to contact them or engage in other online activities (such as adding them as a friend or giving their profile a ‘fave’) can be found easily on their page. H-ype.com has the ability for members to organise offline group meetups which entails interesting activities like movie screenings or book discussions. Again, these events are largely based in the UK, so it will be great for the locals there.

Apart from this, H-ype also has the standard dating site suite of features such as a forum, instant messaging, polls, blogs, photo galleries and a member search function. These are all easily found on their visible page menu.

The dating pool

According to their own search list, there are close to 5400 members on the site, mostly concentrated in the UK. This means the site might not be any good for users outside of that country, unless you are looking to meet friends from the UK itself. There are genuine members and the general vibe here is that it’s an easy-going and supportive place for those with herpes or other types of situations. However, the lack of worldwide traffic might make this.

Payments to consider

Standard membership is free, but to use the full features of the website, a Gold membership is required. This costs roughly about US$10 per month, or US$60 per year, which is rather pricey. However you are paying for an ad-free experience with a website that looks like it’s being maintained rather well.

Should you join?

If you’re based in the UK and want a relatively active community you can relate with online and possibly offline, then H-ype.com might be right for you. If not, then you can just skip this and head on to the other free-to-use sites.