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HMates Review - Herpes & HPV Dating Site

Rating 3.5/5 by Josh

hmatesThe site would appeal anyone looking for what they desire particularly a partner who could understand them and have empathy for people with STD. The site has a simple design having warm and inviting colors. The layout makes one comfortable to get registered and start looking out for a partner. It is designed with amazing user friendly features. The graphics are also appropriate and appealing for many people.

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The site helps people with STD to find partners to date and friends who could understand the feelings of people having it. The registration is free and the donor membership rates are very nominal and affordable for anyone. In return of these donations the members get certain privileges and benefits on site. It is overall easy to navigate and friendly for users having less technical knowledge. The content is also pretty much understandable and easy to be getting going for users.

Hmates.com is free and has many features which other sites take money for. The users can make up a personalized profile including their pictures, a video clip and information about their interests. The site helps people get to know each other through their personal profiles, images and video clips as well as a significant e-mail service with anti spam filtration which is provided by the site which is a rare feature on dating sites. This feature has promoted the communication between different members and also provides you option to block certain users if they are bothering you. Hmates users enjoy free live chat sessions like MSN which allows them to contact other users in real time. The site provides a true match making through a set of questions provided to users which are related to relationships and lifestyle and this helps them chose the perfect mate.

The site is pretty easy to navigate and there are some positive aspects of advanced search tools for users having specific criteria in mind for selecting a partner. Users can easily find a mate who can be compatible and according to the desires of the user. For instance, a user might come up with certain specifications in mind related to the ethnicity, height, food love or career of a partner he is looking for, and here it becomes easy through these extensive search tools. One has to go through certain procedures which could sometimes be irritating but worth it.

Hmates.com also has a great cooperative team which is always there to help the members to get right partners and friends. The team guides in making up a profile and helps in adding up answers to questions which would be of interest to many other users on the site. They also give suggestions as per the specific criteria mentioned by you for instance; they would help you find a partner near your own location for real time dating experience. The communication tool of site is overall very user friendly but there is a flaw when making up a profile or editing it later. The team takes 24 hour period to check it and approve it and if there needs to be done a few changes the team will take 24 hours more to review it. This waiting time becomes irritating for few people. Another flaw is the verification process where the user has to talk to the site staff member on phone in first 24 hours of the registration which is quite annoying for people already facing problems.

Another very beneficial feature at hmates.com is the blog of news and events about STD. It helps the patients to be aware of the events taking place near them. The site also has a list of cure centers where the treatment for these diseases is done. The users can get the full directory and get their treatment done easily. There are many useful and informative articles which keep on updating time to time and help the patients to deal with their sickness. It also gives support to the users because the community is solely of people like them.

Hmates.com on the whole is a quite user friendly site which helps the users with specific desires to find love, friendship and support. The site provides an extensive privacy policy for users and uses only the amount of information which the users wish to get shared. The community is quite good for people having STD and the most important factor is that everything is free of cost.

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