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Review of Hope iOS App

Rating 4.5/5 by Josh.

Hope appStarted in 2014, Hope was developed to create an online community and resource center for people living with herpes, HPV and other STDs. While it is a free herpes dating website and application, they aim to create friendships and a supportive community first.

How the app works

This application is not a typical mobile dating application per say. In fact, there is no online dating function at all – that feature has been relegated to the website only. The Hope app instead acts as a social contact center with the community and their members. Stay updated on the community’s movement by browsing through their Facebook and Twitter posts. Users can also give a donation to the site easily through hope herpes dating app.

A unique feature is the list of ready to play podcasts that can be easily accessed within the application. These podcasts come from reputable sources such and the National Public Radio (NPR) and the US. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and touch on the topic of sexually transmitted illnesses.

For all other online dating features, it is recommended to go to their full website where free members can play games, browse through profiles and indicate their interest.

The dating pool

The website claims to have 20000 + members, however the majority of the profiles have no pictures and there is generally very little information about each person based on their profile. This means that is can be difficult to differentiate between profiles and narrow down any possible search to someone suitable for the user. In addition, there are very few members online at any given time, which might indicate a less than active member base.

Payments to consider

Usage of the application is free, as is some features of their online dating website. Premium membership comes in at about $4.99 per year, which varying promotions (check their website). Premium members can engage in more activities such as customising the profile page, uploading videos and music, creating blogs, live chats and online forum discussions.

Should you join?

Being a long-time player in the free herpes dating community and scene, Hope has perhaps built somewhat solid base of users. This means more genuine users of the site and real people to get to know. The monthly membership fee also appears reasonable, thus making this app and its website a good option to consider.