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Rating 4.5/5 by Josh

positive singlesRomance life for guys with a disease of extreme viral infections is often too depressed that they get no chance of romance at all for the rest of their lives. Online dating websites are helping guys with these kind of diseases like HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), Herpes, HSV (Herpes simplex virus), etc. People with this kind of disease want some real attention and so they rely on this kind of websites, but there are many fake websites which just break their sad life to death. There is at last a website with the name Positivesingles.com which consists of some soft hearted guys who help people to cure this kind of viral infections and people also get a chance for romance.

How PositiveSingles.com works?

Most of the people we are talking about are afraid of the world. They lose their lives and always think that society will never let them in their lives. This lake of confidence is natural and that makes them so unsocial that they do not even visit their relatives. PositiveSingles.com is a community platform which help these people to get them out of anxiety. They help them to improve their lifestyle and to meet with other patients with the same disease to help them improve their social lives. This website helps people to talk openly with each other about their disease and to describe their conditions. The results are mostly positive and people get better and better. A panel of consultants also serves the patients to cure them.

How to Register

Registration is very simple and easy that everyone can register without any difficulty. You will be asked every question and there remain no difficulty like describing something. Questions are very easy and straightforward. You just have to select answers from provided options and continue to the next level till the end of the registration. Similarly, after registration, you can easily navigate to any option you want and it is very easy to search what you want to search.

Profile Quality

Profile quality always matters in the case of this kind of dating sites. You are asked when you are setting up your profile about what kind of relationship you are looking for. Your profile focuses according to that. There are some improvement like visual effects quality and there is room to add some interesting features in profile but generally talking, the profile quality is good if not best.

How much PostiveSingles.com cost

Here is the latest snapshot from PositiveSingles.com fast answer question page which shows the exact cost you have to pay to get paid features. pricing of positivesingles.com

Free and Paid Membership

A lot of features are free in PositiveSingles.com like registration, messaging to random people and getting their replies, add someone to favorite, searching someone with a name or any characteristic. There are some noticeable differences for paid membership though like the searching process is fast, they will get anonymity as paid membership and above all there are many other options regarding STD results for paid memberships.


For paid members, searching tool to have the exact match is very cool in PositiveSingles.com. You can not only search by name, but there are many filters that you can use. For example type of relationship, religion, education, location, ethnicity, physical appearance etc. For free members, there are not too many options to search, though. One can search only by name, age or gender. That’s very limited and that’s the reason the paid membership is awesome.

Privacy Setting

PositiveSingles.com is best in providing privacy for your profile. If you are afraid of showing your pictures to others, then there are options in privacy settings that you can use to set if you want to show your photos to every member of PositiveSingles.com or just to your favorites. It helps a lot to many people especially some sensitive girls. You can get a request from somebody to allow them to watch your whole album. It actually works like a real date site that even helps more to those guys.

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