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Skip These Herpes Dating Sites with Low Traffic

by Josh

The sites for dating is opened for a purpose where we can find our partner we used to find our partner in our daily life which is firm in all situation for you, who helps you in all time in other means made for each other.

There are many sites where we can find our partners but the huge sites where we find many flaws regarding development designing & and user interface interaction. The site where user come and also feels comfortable and interesting for it. But in many huge sites the common errors are made which losses its traffic by mean of time and unfortunately. In these cases to regain it’s worth and gets more traffic through attracting the user by interface where user clicks multiply it is used that what the user wants? This is called human computer interaction.

In these cases we are here to discuss about the huge sites but losses their worth due to low interface and many errors in the sites where user can’t find their goal.

The first site is H-date.com in which you can see many flaws in it, which causes the low attraction for the user. We will discuss its flaws in detail.

You can see the color scheming is not good according to the niche of the site. The whole site is difficult for the user the buttons, menus are not accurately arranged. You can see the social icon buttons which are in the top header but not arranged in the sequence while they should be on the right or left side of the scrolling bar. Now if come towards the search bars of login page they are not equally arranged or well-mannered set. Explanation of the site is not arranged and distributed into many forms the font of the content is small and the members login area is not professionally linked where it should be.

Other detail of the site is given below as simple text seems like a word page LOL! If we come to next site www.heaperspassions.com which is also a dating site also downed its traffic due to its bad interacted interface.

If we see this site it actually represents the social media, dating site but I don’t understand its interface is so bad that for what purposes it is developed for?

The whole site’s color is bluish. Menus are so unarranged and odorless manner which gives negative review to the user.

If we scroll whole site from up to down we can’t find the accurate meaning and purpose of the site.

Login page is in the middle and so blurred to find it. After the whole site if we comes towards the footer which is totally meaning less and unable to understand the whole footer? Fully un arranged and with un ethical way of development in which the user ran away from it.

In social media connectivity it is not understood whether it is an add or button? Which is also a main flaw of the site?

STD Friends is much better than the previous sites but there are also some flaws which conclude that why user don’t hit on the site. The whole site arrangement and it’s color schemes are beautifully arranged but in the footer buttons are given in the very hidden corner which is also an irritable thing for the user.